Racking Protection

Racking Protection

DLS Storage Solutions offer a range of racking protection, our systems are low cost, easy to install, hard wearing, and a great economical rack protection solution. The rack protectors require no drilling or additional fasteners. They are easily moved for rack inspections and can be fitted to almost all pallet racking configurations.

  • Low Cost Rack Protection
  • Easy to Install
  • Offers Impressive Rack Protection
  • No Drilling or Fastening Required
  • Fits to Almost All Types of Racking
  • Fully Modular Racking Protection

Rack Protectors – Key Features


Easy clip-on installation with no drilling or separate fasteners means that anyone can install. Individual units can be stacked and configured to suit your site and are easily removed (or slid up the rack upright) for rack inspections.


Integrally moulded, curved energy absorbers provide a staged impact response. This lets flex easily to deflect everyday knocks and bumps while still providing powerful impact protection for more serious forklift collisions.


Low purchase cost, quick installation and easy modular replacement make a highly economical rack protection solution.


  • Each kit contains 3 x 134 mm high guards
  • Overall height is 402 mm
  • No fixings required
  • Install by hand in seconds
  • Zero floor damage
  • Fits most pallet racking makes

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Rack Protection Systems